About iShiksha

Only portal platform with mobile app to aggressively drive blended learning

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iShiksha Benefits




Platform Capabilities


Keep content & data private


Outcome based learning, assessment & certification


Experiential learning through simulated real life work environment


High quality training through recorded sessions


Simplified mobile experiences with offline mode


Structured and curated content

Content Capabilities

Typical Training Scenarios

iShiksha Promise

Ready-to-Deploy and Skill immediately

Simplified platform with structured courses to help instructors easily deliver high quality training

Real-time data and analytics dashboards to show trainee usage and learning progress


What is iShiksha ?

An integrated cloud based platform for skill training and employment linkages (eg. linkedIN for blue collar jobs). iShiksha provides learner and trainer collaboration, video courses, Live interactive sessions, practice exercises. Users will be able to access the features and capabilities of iShiksha through the portal ishiksha.net. Microsoft purpose built iShiksha using cloud technologies and data analytics

How is it different from from others like edx, khan academy, coursera, wiziq?

iShiksha is purpose built for ‘skill development’ space. It has user role management, course management, usage analytics, dashboards all convenient for learners and managers. Video based courses are SSC (Sector Skill Council) aligned and platform has capability to host live sessions. It has seamless job opportunity linkages. Machine learning and AI backed analytics and dashboards make it extremely future ready

What is blended learning

Combination of online digital rich media (video) content with traditional classroom methods. It requires the physical presence of both teacher and student, with some elements of student control over time, place, path, or pace

Do I have to pay for the course ?

A learner in general doesn’t need to pay. for corporates and government customers, it will charged on per user / learner basis

Is this a platform or portal ? what's the difference ?

Pioneered e-lessons for diploma courses offered in polytechnics across combined Andhra Pradesh

Will I get a certificate at the end of the course ?

Yes, a digital certificate but depending on type of course

I don't know which course to pick. what do I do ?

There’s an assessment module / process which could be used to assess fitment of a candidate

Is the training online ?

Yes with a combination of recorded video classes, live lectures. A trainer will login to iShiksha portal, access the course he/she is teaching and uses the content to teach

Should I go to iShiksha centres to avail training ?

You may avail training using iShiksha at iShiksha centres or your own training centers / classrooms / place with internet facility

We already have a learning management system in house. How is iShiksha different from that ?

iShiksha comes with a unique capability to “blend” digital-learning with classroom learning along with master trainers and curated content library developed over the years

We struggle with training the entry level job holders / seekers. Will iShiksha help ?

iShiksha is purpose built for training entry level job seekers. Platform and content is built keeping in mind an 8th pass candidate. Industry 4.0 readiness, Entrepreneurial & Life-skills, Basic Computer Literacy, live-feed guest lectures will be part of iShiksha training

Do you provide the necessary training material ?

Yes, we do provide necessary training material. Incase, you need any specific content to be included that is not part of our content library, we will work with you and build it for you

Do we get to pick the kind of training material we wanted ?

Yes, you can. Incase, you need any specific content to be included that is not part of our content library, we will work with you and build it for you

We have lot of training material in books and powerpoint presentations. what can you do with it ?

iShiksha team can enhance / enrich the content for you. Our subject matter expert (SME) will work with your SME. Same will be made available through the iShiksha platform accessible to you

Can I run my skill training program using iShiksha portal ?

Yes, you can. You could create program, assign training partners, courses, students / classrooms and also track through analytical dashboards

How do I monitor the training program ?

You can track progress and improvise using advanced analytics dashboards and insights


  • “Able to visualise what is in the textbook to get more clarity.”

    User Three
  • “Experience of what job will be like.”

    User Two
  • “Explains how to take care of patients after getting a job.”

    User One